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Your Guide to Equestrian Travel Deals and Lodging Reviews

authored by award-winning journalist, Nancy D Brown

Riding in the Transylvanian Forest

So Romania is famous for Dracula (Sighisoara is the charming town where he grew up and the castle where he did not live) and the black bears for lovers of eco-tourism. I love horses and […]

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4UR Ranch: This Colorado Ranch is for You

The 3,000 acre 4UR Ranch is surrounded by national forests (one with 1,000,000 acres.) The La Garita range is to the north, and to the south and west sit the massive peaks of the […]

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Unbranded Movie Kickstarts Quest to Save America’s Wild Horses

What started off as a fundraising quest to produce Unbranded The Film, turned into a Kickstarter campaign to save America’s Wild Horses. Four friends and recent college graduates from Texas A&M University rounded up a […]

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Book Review: Cowgirl Jumped Over the Moon

Linda Ballou is a travel writer. She has penned a travel collection in addition to articles for
Examiner.com and her blog, http://LindaBallouTalkingtoYou.blogspot.com. She has also written
a historical novel, Wainani. The Cowgirl Jumped Over The Moon revolves […]

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Horseback Riding in Brooklyn, New York

When you think of Brooklyn, horseback riding is probably not the first thing that comes to mind.

I grew up fifty miles from the city in a small town on Long Island in an area […]

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Carmel Valley Ranch Equine Perspective

“Horses are good mirrors. They allow us to see reflections of ourselves and our behavior. Unlike people, horses don’t stay in uncomfortable relationships. They either walk away or lean in,” said Jill Rivoli founder of […]

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