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authored by award-winning journalist, Nancy D Brown
  • CathyWoodsLeadsHorses500x333

Body, Mind, Equine Yoga of Horsemanship

I’d heard the term equine yoga before, but I never really understood what it meant to combine yoga with horsemanship until I met Cathy Woods. A yoga instructor from the Great Smoky Mountains of North […]

  • PawsUpWranglerCindy500x375

Working Cattle Ranch at Paws Up in Montana

Layered up like an onion, we were dressed for the unpredictable spring weather that presents itself in Montana. The itinerary said we would ride out rain or shine and fortunately, today, Mother Nature cooperated and […]

  • BuildaBearHorses500x298

Build a Horse at Build a Bear Workshop

Some people look back on their childhood with memories of Barbie dolls and GI Joe. I grew up collecting Breyer horses and my own trophy’s and ribbons won from many horse shows on my Quarter […]

  • Sarah Cornellier Mongolian horse500x333

Mongolia Horseback Riding Holiday

“The poor foreigner,’ he said, ‘has been acquainted with our grasslands but for four short days.’

‘We must pity him,’ said the old man with feeling.

‘How hard it must be,’ commented the woman, ‘not to be […]

  • Derby Day image of jump_web

Kentucky Derby Comes to Pebble Beach

What do Pebble Beach and Churchill Downs have in common? They’ll both be home to the Kentucky Derby on May 7, 2016. That’s right; Pebble Beach Equestrian Center will live-cast the Kentucky Derby’s “Run for […]

  • LakeReflectionAlixCrittenden

Gobi Gallop: Mongolia Meets Wyoming

Mongolia and Wyoming are about as far apart as you can image on a map, but what they have in common are wide open spaces and, for some, a nomadic way of life. To be […]

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