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Dec 17 2014

What to Expect on a Cattle Drive

What to expect on a cattle drive What is a cattle drive? A cattle drive is a herd of cattle that need to be moved from one area to another for their survival or simply for tourist amusement on a horseback riding holiday. There are two different types of cattle drives; one being the few […]

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Dec 10 2014

Los Cedros: Scottsdale Horse Heaven

  These hotel guests are fed three times a day. Their blankets are removed from their bodies in the morning and put back on them at night. They have a swimming pool all to themselves and all of the residents on property have a personal trainer. But these are not your typical hotel guests and […]

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Dec 03 2014

Scottsdale Horseback Riding MacDonalds Ranch

Old MacDonald had a ranch, e-i-e-i-o. And on that ranch he had a farm…and so the story goes. MacDonald’s Ranch, in addition to pony rides, trail rides, train rides and gold panning, has a farm – with goats and chickens and miniature horses and donkeys – only they call it a petting zoo here in […]

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Nov 26 2014

Change Islands’ Newfoundland Pony Sanctuary

Newfoundland ponies are a critically endangered species, and there are only a handful of them left in the world. Where can you find most of them? On a remote little island corner of Canada, in Newfoundland and Labrador, on Change Islands.   Change Islands is about as isolated as it gets. The name is a […]

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Nov 19 2014

Quebec Horse and Carriage

It started on my first visit to Disneyland in Los Angeles, California. Not a typical place for a horse encounter, but a memorial experience, none the less. I was horse-crazy in my youth – still am crazy in love with horses! Anywhere that I am able to go horseback riding, or at least make friends […]

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