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Apr 04 2015

Zebra Migration on Africa’s Chobe River

If you are a horse lover, then you are probably a fan of the zebra, as well. Afterall, zebras trot, canter and buck just like a horse. Have you ever wanted to ride on a zebra? While I can’t arrange a ride on a zebra, imagine what it would be like to travel to Africa […]

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Mar 25 2015

Horseback Riding Memories

Just like certain smells trigger childhood memories, so do pictures and places. I recently had a full circle moment with a heritage oak tree and a pipe corral. I was involved in a photo session, updating pictures for this equestrian blog, when I realized the role those old oak trees played in my youth and […]

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Mar 18 2015

Save an Elephant: Journey to Africa

Have you ever dreamed of traveling to Africa? My sense of curiosity toward Africa was sparked after thumbing through pages of National Geographic magazine as a child. The flames of my imagination were stoked when I saw the movie “Out of Africa” on the big screen. And as an avid equestrian, the idea of safari […]

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Mar 11 2015

Misty Chincoteague Horse Vacation

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  With large swathes of the Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge to roam, catching a glimpse of the fabled wild ponies of Chincoteague up close can be a challenge. Yet, after reading the famous children’s book Misty of Chincoteague by Marguerite Henry, seeing these wild ponies up close is what so many young horse lovers dream […]

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Mar 04 2015

Ariat: Fashion Meets Function

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  I have a confession to make and it’s painful and embarrassing. I used to make fun of those women who wore equestrian riding apparel as a fashion statement. You know who I’m talking about – the pretty girls wearing the tight riding breeches and tall boots. It was obvious that they’d never been horseback […]

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