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Nov 26 2014

Change Islands’ Newfoundland Pony Sanctuary

Newfoundland ponies are a critically endangered species, and there are only a handful of them left in the world. Where can you find most of them? On a remote little island corner of Canada, in Newfoundland and Labrador, on Change Islands.   Change Islands is about as isolated as it gets. The name is a […]

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Nov 19 2014

Quebec Horse and Carriage

It started on my first visit to Disneyland in Los Angeles, California. Not a typical place for a horse encounter, but a memorial experience, none the less. I was horse-crazy in my youth – still am crazy in love with horses! Anywhere that I am able to go horseback riding, or at least make friends […]

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Nov 12 2014

California Cowgirl in Arizona

Arizona Cowboy College is the equivalent of sleep away camp for adults who want to play in the desert. No, this isn’t Burning Man. Instead, city slickers hoping to escape their corporate cubicles or experienced equestrians wanting to learn new riding skills will find their happy place beyond a gravel road in Scottsdale.     […]

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Nov 05 2014

Charlevoix Horseback Riding

  Who doesn’t love the fall colors of the Quebec region of Canada? Now imagine discovering the Canadian countryside on horseback. I was able to explore the hills and valleys of the Charlevoix region horseback riding in Quebec, Canada. Even better, I was riding on the back of a Canadian horse in mid-October when the […]

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Oct 29 2014

Therapeutic Horseback Riding

I never tire of this.   It’s the end of the season and, after this week, the horses get a much deserved break at SARI therapeutic riding in Arva, just north of London, Ontario. My daughter, 10, is on her horse Vixen, rounding the corners of the outdoor ring, doing two point. Basically she’s squeezing […]

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