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Jan 28 2015

Language of horses

When I first met Deborah McCormick, PhD, co-author of Horse Sense and the Human Heart (HCI, 1997) and Horses and the Mystical Path (New World Library, 2004), I had no idea what to expect of the “Celtic Warrior Woman” weekend retreat I had signed up for on a whim. I guess you might say I […]

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Jan 21 2015

National Charro Championships

  What’s the difference between a charro and a cowboy? A charro is a horseman from Mexican, while vaquero is the Mexican term for cowboy. A charro wears clothing unique to this equestrian sport, including boots, riding pants, shirt and sombrero. His saddle has a much larger horn than the traditional Western saddle and he […]

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Jan 14 2015

Vienna, Austria Horse Carriage

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One of the thrills of foreign travel for me is stepping out of my comfort zone and exploring new places. Ideally, I like horseback riding vacations where I am able to go riding in the country. On a recent river boat cruise to the Christmas Markets of Europe I enjoyed a brief overnight in Vienna, […]

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Jan 07 2015

Top Western Towns

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What makes a true western town? Is it the cowboys that populate the town, the western-inspired architecture or rodeos that draw folks in? In my youth, our small Northern California town had a hitching post for our horses outside the Taco Bell. While the hitching post is long gone, I thought that was pretty cool. […]

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Dec 31 2014

Enjoy the Ride

Sometimes this blog feels like the Little Engine That Could. I think I can make a go of writing exclusively about horses, horseback riding vacations, equestrian travel deals and lodging reviews. I think I can. I think I can. With your help, dear reader, I know I can.   I hope that my horseback riding […]

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