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Your Guide to Equestrian Travel Deals and Lodging Reviews

authored by award-winning journalist, Nancy D Brown
  • equine wine tour, plum hill vineyards, horseback riding near portland, horseback riding tualatin valley, horse riding willamette valley, oregon

Horseback Riding Near Portland, Oregon

Equine Wine Tour at Plum Hill Vineyards Is there anything better than wine tasting in the Willamette Valley on a gorgeous afternoon? Well, yes there is if you enjoy horseback riding vacations. My [...]

  • horseback riding in chile, horse riding atacama desert, explora atacama, horseback riding vacation chile, riding northern chile

Chile: Horseback Riding in Atacama Desert

Our riding group makes its way across a blessedly shallow river during a half-day outing in the Atacama Desert The Atacama Desert, in northern Chile, is the world’s driest — some parts have [...]

  • rodeo flag bearer, cowgirl, horse, rodeo, penn valley rodeo, penn valley, california

Cowboys & Cowgirls at Penn Valley Rodeo

Flag bearers at Penn Valley Rodeo. Photo © Nancy D. Brown Pick up trucks flanked the side of Spencerville Road, wheels turned into the dirt and dry grass like hoof marks left in [...]

  • imperial carriage museum, horse, horses, schonbrunn palace, vienna, austria

Vienna Imperial Carriage Museum in Austria

Horses at Vienna Imperial Carriage Museum. Photo © Nancy D. Brown Vienna, or Wien, as this romantic city is known in German, is elegant from head to toe. Or perhaps I should say [...]

  • san antonio stock show & rodeo, saddle bronc riding, jacobs crawley, cowboy, horse, san antonio, texas, rodeo

San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo in Texas

San Antonio Rodeo Saddle Bronc Riding Originally known as the San Antonio Livestock Exposition, San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo has grown in popularity faster than a barrel racer blazing down the home [...]

  • stanley park, horse drawn tours, percheron horses, vancouver, british columbia, canada, horses

Stanley Park Horse Drawn Tours in Vancouver

Stanley Park Horse Drawn Tours. Photo © Nancy D. Brown There’s no doubt that Vancouver offers an endless amount of activities to do in this city of glass, but if you are looking [...]

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