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Rancho de los Caballeros – A Horseback Riding Vacation in Wickenburg, Arizona

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Spa at Rancho de los Caballeros. Photo © Nancy D. Brown Team Penning, giddy up girls getaways, or simply a trail ride, followed by a relaxing massage,  those are some of the horseback riding vacation offerings at Rancho de los Caballeros. See the Old West There's no better way to see the Old [...]

Expedition Equus: Becky Sampson’s Horseback Riding Vacation From London to Tokyo

2017-06-27T11:45:32+00:00 September 22nd, 2009|Horse News|

Imagine a four year horseback riding vacation. England's Becky Sampson has embarked on an horseback riding vacation that will take her and piebald pony, Bertie, from London to Tokyo. The pair launched their equi trekking adventure on April 1, 2008 and are continuing their equestrian travels as I write this post in September, [...]

First Class Horseback Riding Vacations at Ricochet Ridge Ranch, Mendocino Coast, California

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Posted by Nancy D. Brown Nancy and NightCap on Mendocino's Ten Mile Beach Sea gulls soar overhead. Hooves pound the sand as salt water splashes my hands on the soft leather reins. I am unaware of the grin that has instanteously spread across my face. That grin, one of pure joy, has been captured on film [...]