Expedition Equus: Becky Sampson’s Horseback Riding Vacation From London to Tokyo

//Expedition Equus: Becky Sampson’s Horseback Riding Vacation From London to Tokyo
Becky Sampson's 4 year horseback riding vacation

Bertie & Becky Sampson

Imagine a four year horseback riding vacation. England’s Becky Sampson has embarked on an horseback riding vacation that will take her and piebald pony, Bertie, from London to Tokyo. The pair launched their equi trekking adventure on April 1, 2008 and are continuing their equestrian travels as I write this post in September, 2009.

Horseback from London to Tokyo

Sampson hopes to be the first person to ride horseback from London to Tokyo and is blogging and using Twitter to keep equestrian lovers up-to-date on her travels.

Equestrian Travel as Eco-Tourism

The ride is not only an equestrian adventure, it is a fund raiser for SOS Children orphans and a vehicle for highlighting eco-tourism. Sampson has her Teaching English as a Foreign Language certificate (TEFL ) and will be teaching kids in SOS children’s villages along the route. That route will be following in the footsteps, or shall I say, hoof prints, of horses and traders along the Silk Road.

Becky and Bertie's 4 year horseback riding vacation

Becky and Bertie

Follow Becky and Bertie’s horseback riding vacation on her Expedition Equus website and click on Diary to keep up with her posts.

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Photos courtesy of Expedition Equus.

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  1. 'smallbutspirited' October 25, 2009 at 11:28 am

    I’ve always dreamed of just ‘wandering the world’ on horse(pony)back. How
    interesting that would be! Is ‘Bertie’ a particular breed of pony? or just a
    wonderful ‘mix’….and is that dog in the background a ‘lurcher’?

    Being a rather ‘short’ (..vertically challenged..) rider, I’ve always preferred my
    ‘ride’ to be a little closer to the ground…or at least not have to have a helping
    hand on mounting up – something I could just ‘jump’ on the back of and go…
    so, whether it’s a ‘pony’ or just a small horse, it’s sounds the right/comfortable
    height for me!

    Hopefully one day I’ll have the free time, the right ‘4-hoofed’ companion, and
    a good enough map to try an adventure like Becky! For now, you go Becky &

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