Come horse around on your vacation at the Monterey County Fair

Come horse around on your vacation at the Monterey County Fair in California

Horse “N Around at the Monterey County Fair

The theme and key art of this year’s Monterey County Fair, “Horse ‘N Around” (August 31-September 5, 2011) refers to the creative artwork of  former artist, Jo Mora, from his book, “Budgee Budgee Cotton Tail” which tells the adventures of a courageous bunny.  The 24” x 36” commemorative poster is available for $5 or a signed and numbered edition retails for $25, showing the theme artwork from the book, and Jo Mora assorted Holiday Cards.

Monterey, California Artist and Author Jo Mora

Two collectable children’s books by Jo Mora, Chippie De Munk – The Great Inventor and Budgee Budgee Cottontail  are also available in the Monterey County Fair store.  Fortunately, Jo’s son and daughter saved the transcript and drawings for these stories that their father had written over sixty years ago. Chippie De Munk and Budgee Budgee Cottontail are two children’s books written and illustrated by Jo Mora, who created dozens of stories, pieces of artwork and maps about the Monterey, California area in the early Twentieth century.

Also available in the Monterey County Fair store are children’s and adults T-shirts and Sweatshirts sporting the “Horse “N Around” artwork.

The Monterey County Fair will be held from August 31-September 5, 2011 at the Monterey County Fairgrounds.

The Monterey County Fairgrounds is  set on 22 oak-studded acres. It is home to the annual Monterey County Fair and the site of the Monterey Bay Race Place, a Satellite Wagering Facility.

Have you been to the Monterey County Fair? What are your favorite things to do in Monterey, California?

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Monterey County Fair

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