Estancia Ranquilco Horseback Riding Vacation, Patagonia, Argentina

August 1st, 2012|

When you think of a horseback riding vacation in Argentina, many horse lovers imagine watching polo ponies gallop across grassy fields. But this is a horseback riding vacation of a different color on a different breed of horse; a Criollo horse. This isn’t your ordinary horse riding holiday. Some might call it a working ranch […]

Horseback Riding Vacation at Capilla Polo Club in Argentina

December 14th, 2011|

Horseback riding vacation in Argentina at the trot

I’ve always been curious about the sport of polo. Yet I confess that I am intimidated by the idea of swinging a mallet from the back of a polo pony while galloping full speed across and open field. However, the lure of an Argentine polo experience continues to […]

Horseback Riding Vacation in the Argentinean Andes

September 28th, 2011|

Horseback Riding Vacation in the Andes of Mendoza, Argentina

Horseback riding in the Andes can be a truly moving experience. The temperature may be high and people may be rushing around in the city of Mendoza, but the cooler temperatures in the low Andes and peaceful atmosphere give you a break from the heat and crowds.

Argentina […]