Horseback Riding on the Beach

September 10th, 2014|


I’ve talked about the lack of beach riding access for equestrians previously on Writing Horseback. Not only are horse owners and ranch riders finding it more difficult to go horseback riding at public stables, the idea of riding horses on the beach is typically left to countries outside of the United States. Instead, our open […]

Horseback Riding Morro Bay, California

April 30th, 2014|


What’s better than walking along the beach on California’s central coast? Readers of Writing Horseback know that my response is going to be “nothing beats horseback riding on the beach!” After learning that my Los Osos, Morro Bay horseback riding company left California, I’m pleased to share my discovery of Outback Trail Rides for beach […]

Beach Polo Hits Sand in Dubai

March 19th, 2014|


Horse lovers will go anywhere to ride a horse or watch an equestrian sporting event. From polo played on the ice in Switzerland to wine country polo in Argentina or on horseback in Hawaii, polo is the sport of kings, played fast and furious. Did you know that this equine sport originated in Persia with […]

Horseback Riding Vacation at Assateague Island, Maryland

January 30th, 2013|

Few horseback rides are as much fun as those on an ocean beach. Assateague Island National Seashore, home of the “wild” ponies, is one of the best. On Maryland’s Atlantic coast, just south of the resort town of Ocean City, Assateague offers an almost endless, wide sandy beach that invites long, lazy, relaxing ambles for […]

Horseback Riding Vacation in Costa Rica

July 4th, 2012|

Bucket List: Horseback riding vacation on the beaches of Costa Rica – CHECK!


Life gets shorter and my list gets longer – time to get things done. This was my thought after my wife, Jill, reminded me for the umpteenth time that we have to ride horses on the beach – somewhere. Add to that the […]

Horseback Riding Vacation at Hacienda Andalucia, Riviera Maya, Mexico

September 29th, 2010|

Horseback Riding Vacation at Hacienda Andalucia

While  guests of Hacienda Tres Rios resort in the Riviera Maya, Mexico we were treated to an afternoon of horseback riding at Hacienda Andalucia Equestrian and Polo Club and a visit to the stables of  Hacienda La Esperanza.  Hacienda Andalucia is not a tourist’s horseback riding vacation on the beach experience. This […]

Seahorse Ranch Horseback Riding Vacation, Half Moon Bay, California

August 18th, 2010|

Half Moon Bay Horseback Riding Vacation

Remember the movies where the beautiful woman rides horseback on the beach? Her blonde hair blows in the wind; the hooves of the horse splash waves of brilliant blue water onto the soft white sand as the rider travels off into the sunset? Well, I can’t promise you a sunset […]

First Class Horseback Riding Vacations at Ricochet Ridge Ranch, Mendocino Coast, California

September 1st, 2009|

Posted by Nancy D. Brown

Sea gulls soar overhead. Hooves pound the sand as salt water splashes my hands on the soft leather reins. I am unaware of the grin that has instanteously spread across my face. That grin, one of pure joy, has been captured on film by my riding partner. As with most horse-loving, equestrian travel-crazed devotees, […]