Riding in the Transylvanian Forest

August 26th, 2015|

So Romania is famous for Dracula (Sighisoara is the charming town where he grew up and the castle where he did not live) and the black bears for lovers of eco-tourism. I love horses and riding but have never particularly associated Romania with horses so when I saw horseback riding through the Transylvanian forest on […]

Horseback Riding Vacation in Ojai, California

April 7th, 2010|

As we ride toward the Ventura River into the Los Padres National Forest, our guide spots a red tail hawk scanning its surroundings. Silently, the hawk takes flight as quail scurry in the background. We are on a horseback riding vacation in Ojai, California.

My mount for today’s horseback riding vacation is Willing Spirit, a gentle, 18 year […]