Molokai, Hawaii Mule Ride

October 15th, 2014|

Kalaupapa Rare Adventure Mule Ride, Molokai, Hawaii

I’d seen the bumper sticker, “Wouldn’t You Rather Be Riding a Mule in Molokai?” I’d yet to ride a mule and I hadn’t been to Molokai. On a recent trip to Molokai, Hawaii, I was able to cross these two items off my “must do” travel list. Whether you […]

Pau Riders: Festivals of Aloha in Hawaii

October 9th, 2013|

You can spot them from a distance. Their strong necks draped in floral leis; their bodies covered in brightly colored Hawaiian silk fabric. These high stepping parade horses carry pa’u riders. These Hawaiian royalty, with a historic past, make their presence known in today’s rebirth of the island of Lana’i.

Festivals of Aloha
It has been two […]

Lanai Horseback Riding in Hawaii

October 2nd, 2013|

Hawaii, the land of Paniolos or Hawaiian cowboys. There is nothing like a horseback riding vacation on the Hawaiian islands; scenic vistas, the salty sea breeze, good horses and miles of riding trails. I’ve been fortunate to go horseback riding on several Hawaiian islands; the Big Island, Hana, Kauai, Maui and Oahu. This was my […]

Hana, Maui Horseback Riding Vacation on Hawaii

March 6th, 2013|

Horseback riding in Hana, Hawaii means more than climbing in the saddle and going for a trail ride. Hana, Maui is rich in Hawaiian culture and talking story.

When you go horseback riding at Travaasa Hana Riding Stables, you might be riding with a paniolo, (Hawaiian cowboy) or in my case, a paniola.

My trail guide, Jolynn, […]

Horseback Riding Vacation in Paradise, Kauai, Hawaii

May 9th, 2012|

Guest post by LeeAnne Jones

Horseback riding on the island of Kauai

Few places in the world are as naturally beautiful as the island of Kauai. The idea of a Hawaiian vacation typically invokes images of tanning on the beach, snorkeling the reefs, or surfing the waves. And while I did do some of those on my […]

Piiholo Ranch Horseback Riding Vacation, Maui, Hawaii

October 19th, 2011|

Authentic Paniolo Horseback Riding Vacation at Piiholo Ranch

As I drove along  Makawao Avenue in my Japanese compact rental car, I noticed that I was heading “up country” and entering  paniolo territory.  Convertible Mustangs gave way to pick up trucks and horse trailers. The Hawaiian cowboy was alive and well in Maui, Hawaii and could be […]

Horseback Riding Vacation on Lanai, Hawaii

September 21st, 2011|

“We planned our entire vacation around coming here for horseback riding.” That’s what the mother of a seven year old girl told me as we prepared to hit the riding trail at the Koele Stables. This family of four had flown from California to ride Lanai’s trails.

Lanai horseback riding vacation

While this Californian family had been […]

Hawaii Horse Expo on the Big Island

July 27th, 2011|

Hawaii Horse Expo Hawaii Island Humane Society’s Hawaii Horse Expo 2011 is coming up August 5-7. Proceeds from the annual event benefit the Humane Society’s Horse Rescue Fund, which helps abused and abandoned horses on the island.

What Makes Hawaii Horse Expo Special?

Hawaii Horse Expo was organized by a group of enterprising women as a benefit […]

Horseback Riding Vacation with Paani Ranch, Big Island, Hawaii

June 22nd, 2011|

Horseback Riding Vacation on Hawaii’s Big Island at Pa’ani Ranch

Maybe I was a sugar plantation owner in my former life? There’s something about horseback riding on the Big Island of Hawaii, with its wide open expanses and connection to the land that keeps me coming back. My time spent on the Big Island has always […]