5 Luxury Riding Holidays

February 12th, 2014|

Everyone seems to have a bucket list of things they must see and do at least once in their life. Many of these things to do before I die lists involve travel to far off places. I know I have my bucket list and it includes horseback riding on safari in Africa, taking a horseback […]

Top 5 Horseback Riding Vacation Destinations of 2013

January 23rd, 2013|

Each year, I travel the world to experience the best in food, wine,  cultural adventure, and discover the most exciting places you must visit on your next horseback riding vacation. From well-traveled regions to lesser-known corners of the word, this year’s list represents what I hope will be some of the best horseback riding holidays.


Horseback […]

Horseback Riding Holiday in Cyprus

July 28th, 2012|


Horseback Riding Vacation in Cyprus

Recently I was thinking about where I would take my next holiday; but more importantly, I was also thinking about what I would do on that holiday.  Besides relaxing on a beach by the water, I thought about taking a horseback riding vacation. Horseback riding is something I haven’t tried before. […]