Introduction to Horseback Riding for your Horseback Riding Vacation

June 23rd, 2010|

Introductory Horseback Riding Lesson

John Wayne made horseback riding look easy. In the movie City Slickers, Billy Crystal goes on a horseback riding vacation and makes horseback riding look ridiculous. Whether this is your first horseback riding vacation or you simply need a refresher course on horseback riding basics, this YouTube video will make horseback riding […]

Hacienda Corona de Guevavi -A Horsebackriding Vacation in Nogales, Arizona

October 26th, 2009|

John Wayne slept here, along with his dusty black boots and ten gallon cowboy hat that traveled with him on horseback riding vacations.

Hacienda Corona de Guevavi is a bed and breakfast perched on top of 36 acres of the Guevavi Ranch.

Former Cattle Ranch

Once a thriving cattle ranch, the romantic inn is situated near the banks of […]