Dos Brisas: Texas Horseback Riding Vacation

January 29th, 2014|

As my car left Houston Airport, paved freeways and tall buildings gave way to back country roads, wood planked front porches with chairs gently rocking in the breeze and American flags fluttering from their poles.

Driving up to the gated Inn at Dos Brisas, one can image cowboys herding cattle from as far away as Montana […]

Luxury Vacation at Hotel La Residencia, Mallorca, Spain

April 14th, 2010|


Not Your Typical Horseback Riding Vacation in Mallorca, Spain

Instead of a horseback riding vacation in Mallorca, Spain, how about a picnic in the mountains with donkeys? The Hotel La Residencia, a luxury hotel and spa in Mallorca, Spain is offering a picnic in the hillside above the historic Mallorcan manor house.


Gourmet Picnic in Mallorca, Spain

Three […]

Summer Horseback Riding Vacation, Hidden Meadow Ranch, AZ

March 31st, 2010|


Hidden Meadow Ranch guest post by Vera Marie Badertscher

 On our way to this Arizona horseback riding vacation,  we drive through some towns crowded with fast food joints and motels, then through smaller towns where the places to stay tend toward cabins instead of modern motels, then we turn off onto a Forest Service Road and […]

Winter Horseback Riding Vacation, Hidden Meadow Ranch, AZ

March 3rd, 2010|



Take Your Horse on a Winter Luxury Adventure

 How often do you think about taking your horse along on a snowy horseback riding vacation? Somehow, sitting by the fire in a luxury cabin, after finishing a gourmet meal, seems more like an experience for the ski slopes than a winter ranch visit.


At Hidden Meadow Ranch, in […]