Horsing Around with Mary Ann Kennedy

April 2nd, 2014|

“In a perfect world, I want to be a cowboy girl,” that’s what Grammy nominee and horse lover Mary Ann Kennedy sings about on the CD “It All Starts Here.” The 11 song CD celebrates the special relationship we have with horses. While I haven’t gone horseback riding with Kennedy, after watching her Horsin Around […]

Country Music Cowgirl Templeton Thompson When I Get That Pony Rode

May 29th, 2013|

What is it about girls and horses? That’s what Templeton Thompson wants to know.  The country music cowgirl from Texas began horseback riding at a young age and claims she was “country when country wasn’t cool.”

With her latest single, When I Get That Pony Rode,  rising in GAC’s Daily Countdown, Templeton is all about horses. […]

Country Singer Jaida Dreyer Rides Half Broke Horses

March 13th, 2013|


Anyone that loves horses will tell you; once you’ve fallen in love with horses, there’s no turning back. Horses capture your heart, as they did to country music artist Jaida Dreyer.

The self-proclaimed “horse-crazy” little girl was born in Thunder Bay, Ontario and raised in the one stop sign town of Latimer, Iowa…population 303. Her daddy […]