Horseback Riding in Portland, Oregon

November 4th, 2015|

When you live in a city like Portland, Oregon, it’s expected that there will be excellent food to eat and beer and wine to drink, but where does one go for a horseback riding vacation? Happily, I found the answer to my riding dilemma at Dream Ridge Stables. The equestrian center is only thirty minutes […]

Oregon Magic: Albany Carousel and Museum

October 28th, 2015|

If you want to feel like a kid again, head to Albany. Here you will find and recapture the magic of your youth at the Albany Historic Carousel & Museum in Albany, Oregon. Board President Wendy Kirbey is today’s modern version of Peter Pan, leading a group of lost boys to Neverland. Only these merry […]

Central Oregon Horseback Riding

August 13th, 2014|

Like a kid on a merry go round, I keep circling back to my childhood memories of Sunriver Resort. As I happily sit perched on a pony, waving madly to my parents each time I circle around, I had no idea the important role horses would play in my youth and adult life. I hold […]

Central Oregon horseback riding vacation, Seventh Mountain Stables

August 24th, 2011|

Deschutes River on horseback riding vacation

For years, our family has been vacationing in Central Oregon. We have enjoyed the thrill of whitewater rafting the Deschutes River with several rafting companies. While I have ridden along the Deschutes River from Sunriver Stables, I never realized that I could ride horseback beside the river in Bend, Oregon. […]

Horseback Riding Vacation, Paulina Creek, La Pine, Oregon

July 21st, 2010|


Horseback Riding Vacation along Paulina Creek, La Pine, Oregon

We whoop and holler as the ice cold cascade mountain snow melt hits our bodies at the Paulina natural water slide. Our family of four has been riding mountain bikes and hiking the forest service trail to Oregon’s Paulina Creek for many years. How many years have I […]

Sunriver Stables Horseback Riding Vacation, Sunriver, Oregon

July 14th, 2010|


 Sunriver Stables Horseback Riding Vacation

As Diana and I left Sunriver Stables and trotted along beside the Deschutes River, my memory bank worked hard to roll back the years in my mind. How many years ago did I trot along this very trail as a horse-crazy youngster? I had come to love Sunriver Resort as a child. Our […]

Long Hollow Ranch Horseback Riding Vacation, Sisters, Oregon

July 7th, 2010|

Long Hollow Ranch Horseback Riding Vacation

Tails swish at flies as our horses climb the slight incline to the scenic overlook. Riders reach for their cameras tucked deep in denim pockets or saddle bags. We are surrounded by 600 acres of trees, volcanic rock, running water and the Three Sisters – Central Oregon’s snow capped mountain […]

A Rodeo Horseback Riding Vacation, Sisters, Oregon

February 17th, 2010|

As the gorgeous rodeo cowgirls circle the arena at full gallop, blonde hair and flags flying in the wind, the National Anthem blares over the PA systems. Cowboys, young and old, hold their cowboy hats in front of their chests and young mothers with babes in their arms sing along. It is a hot June day […]

Cowboy Christmas Horseback Riding Vacation – Sisters, Oregon

December 13th, 2009|

Guest post by Merry Ann Moore, Sisters, OR


In one of the horseback riding vacation capitals of the Pacific Northwest, horsing around for the holidays has several meanings.

I live in Sisters, Oregon, a quaint western town at the intersection of high desert and the snowy Cascade Mountains, surrounded by Pacific Northwest national forestland.  It’s both a mecca […]