National Charro Championships

January 21st, 2015|


What’s the difference between a charro and a cowboy? A charro is a horseman from Mexican, while vaquero is the Mexican term for cowboy. A charro wears clothing unique to this equestrian sport, including boots, riding pants, shirt and sombrero. His saddle has a much larger horn than the traditional Western saddle and he carries […]

Rancho Capomo Puerto Vallarta Horseback Riding Vacation

October 5th, 2011|

Horseback Riding Vacation, Rancho Capomo, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Remember when Mary Poppins rides through the park on a Merry-Go-Round carousel horse with Bert, the Chimney Sweep? It is a magical horseback riding vacation with chirping birds, sunny skies and colorful butterflies.

El Salto Waterfall in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Imagine my surprise when I found myself having a Julie […]